We're Pretty Badass...So We Needed A New Name!

After much debate and conversation throughout the past few years, we finally decided on a new name for our band. 

Why the change?  Our former name just didn't stick in the minds of our fans!  Aside from being a pretty cool color, the name didn't have much significance and it really didn't reflect who we are as a band.  What's worse, is that rarely were we ever billed as "The Steel Blue Band."  Most frequently we ended up being referred to as "Blue Steel," "Steal Blue," or "Steele Blue."  This is problematic when trying to build name recognition.  Our devoted fans are familiar with who we are as musicians and as a band but whenever we performed in new communities there was an assumption that we were a "blues" band.  Although many of us have an appreciation for that genre, you can about imagine the disappointment of blues fans who would show up to our performances eager to hear the blues. 

We chose the name The Honey Badgers for a number of reasons: 

  • The Honey Badger is a fierce badass animal
  • Animal names are easy to remember
  • Nobody is likely to refer to us as The Badger Honey...and even if they did, that's funny shit
  • The youtube video of The Honey Badger is widely popular and funny - we love our band and playing music but there's a sort of playfulness in our approach to the band...we don't take ourselves too serisouly
  • The Honey Badger don't give a shit - in a nutshell, we aim to please a wide-variety of fans.  It's our hope that we play a little something for everyone.  Many of our fellow musicians find it easier to stick to a specific genre or theme of music and while we can appreciate that we prefer playing a wide vareity - that's just who we are :-) Pretty badass eh?!?

There are many exciting new possiblities being created in light of our new name.  Stay tuned! 


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