Giving Thanks

It's that time of year when Americans pause to give thanks to that which we are grateful for.  As a band, we are fortunate to be able to share our love for music with so many wonderful people.  Music has a unique ability to bring people together and we a thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of something so great.  Despite existing in an era of such significant divide politically and socially, we get the chance to be a part of bringing people together regardless of their political and social positions and if for nothing more than a moment share a space together, celebrate with one another, and get groovey.  We thank you for your conitued support and we look forward to sharing many moments with you in the future.  In the upcoming year, we wish you safety from inner and outer harm, that you are happy and peaceful, healthy and strong, and that you live with ease and well-being...but most of all, we wish you would come to more of our shows.  We're broke musicians for crying out loud, show us some love ;-)  Peace

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